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Founded in 2016, Clumdog Outdoors has immersed itself in the heart of the Pacific Northwest's outdoor scenes. Whether it's casting lures, throwing fly's, or looking down the barrel to secure that game, Clumdog thrives on every moment.

Clumdog Outdoors exists to further educate and inspire people to go out and enjoy the great outdoors. We believe that the adventures shared in the outdoors, both in hunting and fishing, can greatly impact every person's life. From tournament to recreational fishing, trophy hunting to putting meat in the freezer; there is a story to be told.

Having a passion for the great outdoors Brian Clum has dedicated his life to educate and inspire people of all ages by doing fishing seminars and local charity work. Brian is always out on the water and in the woods looking for that next adventure and he would love to take you along with him. Book a trip and see what Eastern Washington has to offer, and all the local knoledge Brian has to offer!!!

Check out all our adventures here, as well as on Youtube and social media in the links on our contact section.

To book a trip please contact Brian Clum for all the details!!!